Enriching people’s lives through the latest technology.

MINATO HOLDINGS has consistently moved toward this goal since its founding in 1956.

Our device programmer project succeeded in 1973 in developing the country’s first PROM programmer. Since then, we have continued to grow as a leading company in the programmer industry, and today we have established a technically strong development structure that can respond rapidly to most any kind of needs. By working to support the latest devices supplied by leading manufacturers in Japan and abroad, we are earning the long-term trust of our customers.

Our touchscreen project developed optical touchscreens for the first time in the 1970s and today they are one of our leading products. Today we are meeting customers’ diverse needs as a total supplier of touchscreens, having expanded our lineup of products with new functionality not found in similar conventional products. These include outdoor-use touchscreens that excel in durability and water resistance, projection-capacitive table-type touchscreens that support multitouch (simultaneous touch in at least two places), and touchscreen pens that achieve outstanding performance.

One growth strategy for these products is our overseas strategy. Having established a China office in Shanghai in September 2013, we plan to open locations in Southeast Asia to better support our customers and agents from nearby. We also have entered into tie-ups with such leading overseas touchscreen manufacturers as Zytronic of England and RNDPLUS of Korea, and intend to expand our sales by capitalizing on the special characteristics of their respective regions and products.

Our second growth strategy is our entry into the environmental electronics business. There have been many amazing developments in environmental technology recently, including in energy conservation and renewable energy. We would like to proactively seek out roles where our company’s technical prowess and networking ability can be put to good use.

Finally, joint strategy is important. The electric machinery and electronic parts industry has seen its worst days, but there is no guarantee that it will now see major growth. Whether in our own industry or in peripheral fields, by proactively advancing joint strategies with other companies, in addition to economies of scale through larger-scale businesses, we can anticipate optimization of business flow and expenses, and as a result there is a high probability we will achieve accelerated growth in profits.

Using the strategies outlined above, we would like to increase MINATO HOLDINGS’ value to society in the future. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support and guidance.

Takehiko Wakayama, president